Pitohui "BEE for Bird" edition by MightyYellow aka Adeline Tan

Image of Pitohui "BEE for Bird" edition by MightyYellow aka Adeline Tan
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Pitohui disguise as a moth orchid to attract bees, so he can eat them. Making him the perfect elegant predator.

Pitohui is JEM’s companion. Although he may look tough and punk, pitohui is actually very sensitive and shy. Pitohui has dreams to be a crime fighter hence the CAT skull mask, but for now, Pitohui enjoys the wonderful adventures with JEM. Fun Fact: The hooded pitohui is a pitohui of New Guinea with black and orange plumage. It is one of the few known poisonous birds.

Adeline Tan aka mightyellow is an illustrator and visual artist based in Singapore. Taking inspiration from her surroundings and popular culture, her works are often a juxtaposition of elements pulled from personal experiences and past memories, creating imagined alternate endings to existing conditions. Having worked in advertising, branding and tech before becoming a full-time illustrator, her clients include Facebook, Adidas, and Uniqlo. She is currently represented by Mulan Gallery, Singapore.

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The resin bird stands at about 4.5"/11cm and the skull mask is removable.
Hand painted.
Real flowers were not harm in this process
Edition Size: 1


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